7 Proven Ways to Get Bonus Wheels in Coin Master

Are you tired of waiting for the bonus wheel to appear in Coin Master? If you’re eager to level up your game and earn more rewards, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will share 7 proven strategies to help you unlock the bonus wheel in Coin Master. By the end of this post, you’ll have all the tips and tricks you need to maximize your chances of getting the bonus wheel and accelerating your progress in the game. So, let’s dive in and up your Coin Master game!

Building Spins

Spins are an essential currency in Coin Master, enabling players to perform various actions such as spinning the slot machine to earn rewards, attacking other players’ villages, and protecting their own village from attacks. Accumulating spins is crucial for increasing the likelihood of accessing the bonus wheel and reaping its rewards. Here are some strategies for building spins:

Maximizing Daily Rewards and Events

One effective way to gather spins is by taking advantage of the daily rewards and events offered in Coin Master. By logging into the game daily, players can claim their daily bonuses, which may include spins among other rewards. Additionally, participating in special events within the game can yield extra spins, providing an opportunity to increase spin stockpiles.

Strategizing Spins Management

To ensure a steady supply of spins, it’s important for players to manage their spins wisely. They should prioritize using spins on the slot machine to amass more coins and valuable items, thereby fortifying their in-game resources while also potentially earning more spins in the process. Strategic spinning can lead to a virtuous cycle of accumulating spins and enhancing gameplay.

Utilizing In-Game Opportunities

Coin Master offers various in-game opportunities for players to earn additional spins. These may include watching video ads, completing missions or challenges, and engaging with certain gameplay features that grant spins as rewards. Players should actively seek out and capitalize on these opportunities to bolster their spin count.

Leveraging Daily Rewards and Events

To maximize daily rewards and events and acquire bonus wheel opportunities in Coin Master, players should incorporate a smart and consistent approach. Here are some strategies to make the most of these in-game features:

Optimizing Daily Rewards

By logging into Coin Master every day, players can claim their daily bonuses, which often include valuable resources such as spins and coins. Staying consistent with daily visits to the game can steadily build up a reserve of spins, increasing the chances of unlocking the bonus wheel and enjoying its rewards. Encouraging players to maintain daily engagement can enhance their overall gaming experience and progression within the game.

Participating in Special Events

Coin Master frequently introduces special events that offer additional rewards, including an influx of spins. These events can range from weekend bonuses to themed challenges and competitions. Players are urged to actively participate in these events to accrue extra spins and potentially unlock the bonus wheel. Capitalizing on such opportunities not only boosts spin reserves but also adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the gaming experience.

Strategic Spinning

When players utilize their spins on the slot machine within the game, they not only earn coins and other items but also have the chance to earn more spins. This creates a positive feedback loop where effective spin management can lead to a continuous increase in spins. By strategizing their spinning activities, players can ensure a consistent supply of spins, heightening their chances of accessing the bonus wheel and reaping its rewards.

Engaging with Friends

With Coin Master’s emphasis on social gameplay, interacting with friends can be instrumental in gaining access to the bonus wheel and maximizing its benefits. Here are some ways that players can leverage social connections within the game:

Friend Gifts and Collaboration

Encourage players to exchange gifts with their in-game friends to receive additional spins and resources. By sending and receiving gifts, players can bolster their spin reserves, which can significantly enhance their chances of unlocking the bonus wheel. Furthermore, collaborating with friends in various in-game activities can lead to communal rewards that propel players further in the game.

Utilizing Social Features

Highlight the different social features within Coin Master, such as trading cards with friends, visiting and raiding friends’ villages, and participating in connected events. Emphasize the benefits of these interactions, as they not only provide opportunities to earn spins but also contribute to the overall enjoyment of the game through communal engagement.

Strategic Networking

Encourage players to strategically expand their network of in-game friends. By connecting with active and generous players, individuals can increase the likelihood of receiving regular gifts and assistance, ultimately amplifying their chances of accessing the bonus wheel and reaping its rewards.

Utilizing In-App Purchases (Optional)

In Coin Master, players have the option to accelerate their progress and access additional spins through in-app purchases. While this method is not mandatory for advancing in the game, it can provide a shortcut for those who are willing to invest in their gameplay. Here are some considerations for utilizing in-app purchases:

Understanding the Benefits

Explain the advantages that in-app purchases can offer, such as acquiring spins in larger quantities and gaining immediate access to the bonus wheel. Emphasize the convenience and time-saving aspects of in-app purchases for players who are eager to elevate their Coin Master experience.

Responsible Spending

Encourage players to exercise responsible spending when considering in-app purchases. Discuss the importance of setting limits and making informed decisions about when and how to invest in the game. Remind players that in-app purchases are optional and that the game can be enjoyed fully without them.

Utilizing Resources Wisely

For players who opt to make in-app purchases, advise them to utilize their acquired spins strategically. Rather than solely relying on purchased spins, players should complement them with spins earned through regular gameplay and social interaction. This approach ensures a balanced and fulfilling gaming experience.


How often can I access the bonus wheel in Coin Master?

Players can access the bonus wheel once every 24 hours, with the ability to earn extra spins to use on the wheel through various in-game activities and interactions.

Can I unlock the bonus wheel without spending real money?

Yes, it is possible to unlock the bonus wheel without spending money. By engaging in daily activities, collaborating with friends, and participating in special events, players can increase their spins and access the bonus wheel.

Are there specific strategies for increasing my spins in Coin Master?

Maximizing daily rewards, participating in events, strategically managing spins, and leveraging social features can all help players accumulate spins and enhance their chances of unlocking the bonus wheel.

What are the rewards typically available on the bonus wheel?

The bonus wheel offers various rewards, including spins, coins, and rare cards. It provides an opportunity for players to enrich their in-game resources and progress faster in Coin Master.

Are in-app purchases the only way to obtain spins for the bonus wheel?

In-app purchases are optional and not the only way to obtain spins. Players have access to spins through regular gameplay, social interactions, and daily rewards.


In conclusion, unlocking the bonus wheel in Coin Master is an exciting milestone for players, offering valuable rewards and resources to enhance their gaming experience. By strategically accumulating spins, leveraging daily rewards and events, engaging with friends, and responsibly considering in-app purchases, players can increase their chances of accessing the bonus wheel. Whether it’s through regular gameplay or optional purchases, the bonus wheel provides an additional layer of excitement and progression within the game, ultimately adding to the overall enjoyment of the Coin Master journey.

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