Are the Extra Shields Saved in Coin Master?

Are the extra shields saved in Coin Master? Find out how to make the most of your shields in this article. Learn how the game mechanics work and whether or not your extra shields are stored for future use.

In Coin Master, shields play a crucial role in protecting your village from attacks by other players. But what happens to the extra shields you earn? Do they get saved for later use, or are they lost forever? Understanding this aspect of the game can help you strategize better and safeguard your progress. Let’s delve into the workings of Coin Master shields and discover whether or not those extra shields are saved.

How Coin Master Shields Work

When it comes to shields in Coin Master, their purpose is clear – to defend your village from raiders. Each shield provides a certain level of protection, making it harder for other players to steal your treasures. However, it’s important to note that shields have a limited lifespan. Once your village is attacked, regardless of the number of shields you have, one shield gets consumed. This means that if you have accumulated extra shields, they won’t be carried over after an attack.

Strategies to Utilize Extra Shields

Since extra shields don’t carry over, how can you make the most of them? One strategy is to use these shields strategically by planning when to activate them. For example, if you have several shields in stock, it may be beneficial to activate them before taking a break from the game. This way, your village has enhanced protection during your absence. Remember, shields can only protect against a single attack, so it’s crucial to use them wisely.

Maximizing Shield Usage Efficiency

To maximize the efficiency of shield usage in Coin Master, it’s essential to earn additional shields whenever possible. This can be achieved through various means, such as spinning the slot machine and landing on specific icons or completing in-game events. By continuously accumulating shields, you ensure a steady defense for your village and minimize potential losses from raids.


1. Can I store extra shields for future use?

No, extra shields accumulated in Coin Master are not saved for future use. Once your village is attacked, one shield gets consumed, regardless of the number of shields in your possession.

2. How do I earn extra shields in Coin Master?

You can earn extra shields in Coin Master by spinning the slot machine and landing on shield icons or by participating in various in-game events that offer shield rewards.

3. Are shields the only form of protection in Coin Master?

While shields are the primary source of protection in Coin Master, there are other defensive items, such as pets, that can provide additional defense against raids.

4. Can I trade or gift shields to other players?

No, currently there is no option in Coin Master to trade or gift shields to other players. Shields can only be used to protect your own village.


In Coin Master, extra shields do not get saved for future use. It’s crucial to understand this mechanic to strategize effectively, making the most of your shields when defending your village against raids. By utilizing shields strategically and continuously earning additional shields, you can enhance your defense and protect your progress in the game. Remember, timing and smart decision-making are key to success in Coin Master.

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