What to Upgrade First in Town Hall 12 in Clash of Clans – Supercharge Your Defenses!

What to upgrade first in Town Hall 12 in Clash of Clans: In Town Hall 12 of Clash of Clans, there are several key upgrades to prioritize in order to strengthen your defenses and maximize your overall gameplay. Upgrading your Inferno Towers, Eagle Artillery, and Giga Tesla should be your top priorities, as these defenses provide significant firepower and defensive capabilities. Additionally, upgrading your Archer Queen, Grand Warden, and Barbarian King will enhance your attacking power. Make strategic decisions and focus on these upgrades to boost your performance and dominance in Clash of Clans.

Looking to dominate in Clash of Clans Town Hall 12? It’s essential to understand the key upgrades that will give you an edge over your opponents. By prioritizing your building upgrades, you can bolster your defenses and strengthen your attacking strategies. One crucial aspect to focus on is upgrading your defenses, such as the Inferno Towers, Eagle Artillery, and Giga Tesla. These structures possess formidable offensive capabilities that can ward off enemy attacks. Additionally, it’s crucial to upgrade your heroes, including the Archer Queen, Barbarian King, and Grand Warden, as they play pivotal roles in raids and defense. Stay ahead of the game by prioritizing and strategically upgrading these key elements in Town Hall 12.

Upgrade Priorities in Town Hall 12 Clash of Clans

1. Defenses

When it comes to upgrading your Town Hall 12 in Clash of Clans, prioritizing your defenses is crucial. Focus on upgrading the following:

  • Inferno Towers: These defensive structures can deal devastating damage to enemy troops, making them a top priority for upgrade. Upgrade their damage and hitpoints to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Eagle Artillery: This powerful defensive weapon can target and decimate entire groups of enemy troops. Upgrade its damage, hitpoints, and range to make it a formidable force on your base.
  • Giga Tesla: The Giga Tesla is an electrifying defense that can unleash a devastating attack upon enemy troops when your Town Hall is damaged or destroyed. Upgrade its damage and hitpoints for maximum impact.

2. Heroes

Your heroes play a crucial role in both defense and offense. Upgrade the following heroes to increase their power:

  • Archer Queen: The Archer Queen is a powerful ranged hero that can deal massive damage. Upgrade her to increase her damage, hitpoints, and ability to summon the Royal Cloak.
  • Barbarian King: The Barbarian King is a strong melee hero that can tank enemy attacks. Upgrade him to increase his damage, hitpoints, and ability to summon the Iron Fist.
  • Grand Warden: The Grand Warden is a support hero that can provide various buffs to your troops. Upgrade him to increase his abilities, hitpoints, and ability to summon the Eternal Tome.

3. Other Upgrades

While defense and heroes should be your primary focus, don’t neglect other important upgrades:

  • Spell Factory: Upgrading your Spell Factory allows you to unlock and upgrade powerful spells, giving you an advantage in battles.
  • Laboratory: The Laboratory is crucial for upgrading your troops and spells. Prioritize upgrading it to unlock stronger units.
  • Clan Castle: Upgrading your Clan Castle increases its storage capacity, allowing you to receive more reinforcements from your clanmates during attacks.

By prioritizing your defense upgrades, heroes, and other key structures like the Spell Factory, Laboratory, and Clan Castle, you’ll be well on your way to strengthening your Town Hall 12 in Clash of Clans. Remember to adapt your upgrade priorities based on your gameplay style and the unique challenges you face.


Should I upgrade my defenses before upgrading my heroes?

Yes, it is generally recommended to prioritize upgrading your defenses before your heroes. Strong defenses can help protect your base while you work on upgrading your heroes, ensuring a strong defense against enemy attacks.

Are there any specific troop upgrades I should prioritize?

While upgrading your defenses and heroes should be your main focus, you should also consider upgrading key troops such as the Electro Dragons, yetis, and Siege Machines. These troops can provide significant offensive power and utility in your attacks.

What are some strategies to manage resources for upgrades?

To efficiently manage resources for upgrades, consider prioritizing your upgrades based on their cost and benefits. Focus on maximizing resource generation through collectors and upgrading resource storage buildings. Additionally, participate in clan wars and Clan Games to earn additional resources to support your upgrades.

Are there any specific traps or obstacles I should upgrade?

While upgrading defenses should be your priority, don’t overlook traps and obstacles. Upgrading traps like Giant Bombs, Air Mines, and Seeking Air Mines can provide additional defensive value. Additionally, upgrading obstacles like trees and rocks can yield Gems, which can be valuable for various upgrades in the game.


In Town Hall 12 Clash of Clans, focusing on the right upgrades can significantly strengthen your base and enhance your overall gameplay experience. Prioritize upgrading your defenses such as Inferno Towers, Eagle Artillery, and Giga Tesla, followed by your heroes. Don’t forget to consider troop upgrades and resource management strategies for successful progress. By strategically planning and executing your upgrades, you can dominate the battlefield and rise to the top in Clash of Clans.

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