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In Free Fire, each character has unique abilities that cater to different playstyles. Choosing the best character depends on your preferences and gameplay strategy. Some popular choices include DJ Alok, whose ability restores HP for you and your teammates, and Chrono, who creates a force field that blocks damage. Jota is another great option with his ability to convert damage taken into HP. Explore the various characters and their abilities to find the one that suits your playstyle.

When it comes to playing Free Fire, selecting the right character can make a significant difference in your overall gameplay experience. With a range of characters and their distinct abilities available, knowing which one is best for you can greatly enhance your chances of success in the game. In this article, we will discuss the different characters in Free Fire and their unique abilities, helping you determine which character is best suited to your playstyle.

Key Characters and Their Abilities:

  • DJ Alok – Restores HP for you and your teammates, providing a healing advantage during battles.
  • Chrono – Creates a force field that blocks damage and increases movement speed.
  • Jota – Converts damage taken into HP, allowing for quick health recovery in intense combat situations.
  • Kapella – Boosts the effectiveness of healing items and skills, enhancing survivability.
  • Hayato – Reduces frontal damage taken and gains increased armor penetration as HP decreases.
  • Shirou – Marks enemies who attack you, providing valuable information and increased damage to marked enemies.
  • Kelly – Increases sprinting speed and reduces damage taken while running.

DJ Alok – Restores HP for you and your teammates

Overview of DJ Alok’s Ability

DJ Alok is one of the most popular characters in Free Fire, known for his ability to restore HP for both you and your teammates. His ability, called “Drop the Beat,” creates an aura that continuously restores HP over time, helping you sustain in battles and allowing for a longer survivability.

Strategic Use of DJ Alok’s Ability

In order to make the most of DJ Alok’s ability, it is crucial to understand the strategic use of his healing aura. Here are some key considerations:

  • Supporting Teammates: DJ Alok’s ability benefits not only himself but also his teammates within the aura’s radius. It is important to communicate and coordinate with your teammates, ensuring that everyone stays within the range of the healing aura to maximize its effectiveness.
  • Surviving Intense Battles: The ability to restore HP over time can be extremely useful in intense battles where quick healing is necessary. DJ Alok’s healing aura allows you to sustain damage and stay in the fight for longer, giving you an advantage over opponents.
  • Mobility and Positioning: DJ Alok’s ability provides a continuous healing effect, allowing you to move around and change positions while still benefiting from the healing aura. It is important to take advantage of this mobility and strategically position yourself for both offensive and defensive purposes.
  • Combining with Healing Items: DJ Alok’s ability can complement the use of healing items such as medkits and health restoratives. By combining the healing aura with these items, you can amplify your overall healing capabilities and quickly recover from injuries.
  • Avoiding Over-Reliance: While DJ Alok’s ability is powerful, it is important not to overly rely on it. It is still essential to have good gameplay skills, including accurate shooting, effective cover usage, and tactical decision-making. Utilize the healing aura as an additional advantage, but do not solely depend on it.

Best Playstyle for DJ Alok

The best playstyle for DJ Alok revolves around supporting your team, survival, and aggressive gameplay. Here are some tips for adopting the optimal playstyle with DJ Alok:

  • Team Support: Stick with your team and ensure that everyone benefits from DJ Alok’s healing aura. Coordinate with them, communicate effectively, and provide healing support when needed. This will help your team stay stronger in battles and increase your chances of victory.
  • Aggressive Gameplay: DJ Alok’s healing aura provides you with the confidence to engage in aggressive gameplay. Utilize the healing advantage to push enemies, take control of advantageous positions, and apply pressure on opponents. However, be mindful of your HP and make strategic retreats if necessary.
  • Survivability: DJ Alok’s ability to restore HP over time significantly improves your survivability. Capitalize on this by actively seeking high-quality cover, taking advantage of your increased HP regeneration, and outlasting your opponents in battles.
  • Team Coordination: Coordinate your gameplay with your team to maximize the effectiveness of DJ Alok’s healing ability. Assign specific roles and positions, communicate your healing availability, and strategically plan engagements to secure victory as a team.

Chrono – Creates a force field that blocks damage and increases movement speed

Overview of Chrono’s Ability

Chrono is a highly sought-after character in Free Fire who possesses an incredible ability called “Time Turner.” With this ability, Chrono can create a force field that not only blocks incoming damage but also increases movement speed for himself and his allies, providing a significant advantage in battles.

Maximizing the Use of Chrono’s Ability

In order to make the most of Chrono’s ability, it is important to understand how to maximize its potential. Here are some key strategies to consider:

  • Using the Force Field: Chrono’s force field blocks all incoming damage, allowing you to safely take cover, revive teammates, or heal yourself. Utilize the force field strategically, especially when you are low on HP or in a vulnerable position.
  • Engaging in Aggressive Gameplay: The increased movement speed provided by Chrono’s ability is perfect for aggressive gameplay. Take advantage of the enhanced mobility to rush enemies, flank opponents, or quickly reposition during intense battles.
  • Outplaying Enemies: Chrono’s force field provides a valuable advantage when facing multiple enemies or during a firefight. Use the force field strategically to outplay opponents, bait their shots, and gain the upper hand in gunfights.
  • Supporting Teammates: Chrono’s ability benefits not only himself but also his allies within the force field. Communicate with your teammates and coordinate your movements to ensure everyone makes the most of the increased movement speed and protection provided by the force field.
  • Timing is Key: Utilize Chrono’s ability at the right time to maximize its effectiveness. Activate the force field when you anticipate a heavy incoming attack or when you need to quickly reposition yourselves as a team.

Optimal Playstyle with Chrono

To make the most of Chrono’s abilities, it is important to adopt an optimal playstyle that capitalizes on his strengths. Here are some tips for playing as Chrono:

  • Team Coordination: Coordinate with your teammates and communicate effectively to make the most of Chrono’s force field. Ensure that your entire team benefits from the increased movement speed and protection, allowing for coordinated pushes and tactical advantages.
  • Aggressive Team Support: Utilize Chrono’s ability to provide aggressive team support. Engage in close-range battles, focus on rushing enemies, and create opportunities for your teammates to secure kills with the increased movement speed provided by the force field.
  • Strategic Retreats: Despite the protective force field, it is essential to know when to strategically retreat. If overwhelmed by enemies or faced with a disadvantageous situation, utilize the increased movement speed to disengage and reposition for a better opportunity.
  • Mastering Mobility: With Chrono’s increased movement speed, practice mastering your mobility skills. Learn to navigate the battlefield swiftly, dodge enemy fire, and surprise opponents with quick, unexpected movements.
  • Combining Abilities: Chrono’s ability can complement other characters’ abilities and items. For example, combine the force field with healing items or with characters that provide additional defensive buffs, enhancing your survivability even further.

Jota – Converts damage taken into HP

Understanding Jota’s Ability

Jota is a versatile character in Free Fire whose ability, called “Sustained Raids,” allows him to convert damage taken into HP. This unique ability provides Jota with the opportunity to recover health during intense battles, giving him a significant advantage over opponents.

Strategies for Utilizing Jota’s Ability

To make the most of Jota’s ability and maximize the HP conversion, strategic approaches should be considered:

  • Engaging in Close Combat: Jota’s ability is particularly effective in close combat situations. Get up close and personal with opponents, engage in intense battles, and aim to take more damage to convert it into valuable HP.
  • Managing HP Levels: It’s essential to manage Jota’s HP levels effectively. Avoid fully healing yourself immediately, especially when there’s a possibility of incoming damage. By keeping your HP slightly lower, you can take advantage of Jota’s ability to convert additional damage into HP.
  • Cover and Movement: Utilize cover and movement techniques to minimize incoming damage while maximizing the potential for damage conversion. Take calculated risks during battles, using cover to minimize harm and ensuring you can safely convert damage into HP without jeopardizing your survival.
  • Enhanced Survivability: Jota’s ability greatly enhances his survivability, allowing him to stay in fights for longer durations. This can be beneficial when outnumbered or engaged in prolonged battles, giving Jota the upper hand by recuperating health as the fight progresses.
  • Aggressive Playstyle: Taking advantage of Jota’s ability, adopt an aggressive playstyle that involves actively seeking and engaging in battles. Push enemies, apply pressure, and benefit from the converted HP to sustain during extended engagements.

Optimizing Jota’s Playstyle

To optimize Jota’s playstyle and fully utilize his ability, consider the following tips:

  • Weapon Selection: Choose weapons that are well-suited for close-range combat. Shotguns and SMGs excel in close quarters and allow for increased damage intake, consequently enhancing Jota’s HP conversion potential.
  • Health Management: Monitor your health levels strategically. Balance the desire for higher HP conversion with the need to maintain survivability. It’s crucial not to expose yourself to unnecessary risks when your HP is low.
  • Team Support: Jota’s ability can provide an advantage not only to himself but also to his teammates. Coordinate with your team and communicate effectively to make the most of his ability during team fights and aggressive pushes.
  • Build Synergies: Synergize Jota’s ability with other characters who possess healing or defensive capabilities. Combining abilities can create a formidable team dynamic, enhancing survivability and prolonging battles.
  • Surviving the Zone: To optimize Jota’s performance in later stages of the game, pay attention to the safe zone and prioritize positioning. Maintaining good positioning and staying ahead of the zone will give you more time to engage in battles and convert damage into HP.

Kapella – Boosts effectiveness of healing items and skills

An Overview of Kapella’s Ability

Kapella is a valuable character in Free Fire known for her ability to boost the effectiveness of healing items and skills. With her ability, named “Healing Song,” she enhances the healing capabilities of herself and her teammates, providing a crucial advantage in battles and aiding in overall survivability.

Strategic Use of Kapella’s Ability

To strategically utilize Kapella’s ability and maximize the effectiveness of healing, consider the following strategies:

  • Optimizing Healing Items: Pay attention to healing items such as medkits and health restoratives. Kapella’s ability enhances the effectiveness of these healing items, allowing for a quicker and more significant restoration of health. Prioritize using healing items when necessary to maintain high HP levels during battles.
  • Coordinating with Teammates: Communicate effectively with your teammates to ensure they make the most of Kapella’s ability. Coordinate healing efforts, share healing items as needed, and strategize team movements to take advantage of enhanced healing capabilities.
  • Tactical Retreats: Use Kapella’s ability strategically to facilitate tactical retreats. When faced with intense battles or disadvantaged situations, exploit the boosted healing to quickly recover and regroup with your team, improving your chances of turning the tide in subsequent engagements.
  • Surviving the Zone: During the later stages of the game when the safe zone becomes smaller, maintaining a healthy HP level is vital. Kapella’s ability grants an advantage in sustaining yourself and your team amidst high-pressure situations caused by the shrinking safe zone.
  • Combining Abilities: Kapella’s ability can complement other characters’ skills that involve healing or defensive aspects. Combining abilities can create synergistic effects that significantly enhance your team’s survivability and make you harder to eliminate in battles.

Playstyle Recommendations for Kapella

To optimize your gameplay with Kapella, the following playstyle recommendations can be applied:

  • Supportive Team Player: Embrace a supportive role within your team. Focus on healing teammates, sharing healing items, and providing vital support in intense battles. Prioritize the well-being of your team to increase survivability and strengthen your collective impact.
  • Strategic Positioning: Position yourself strategically during battles to maximize the impact of Kapella’s ability. Locate yourself within close proximity to teammates, especially during prolonged engagements, to ensure everyone benefits from the enhanced healing effects. Maintain good cover and vantage points for a safer and more strategic healing process.
  • Effective Resource Management: Manage your healing items efficiently to ensure you are always prepared for combat situations. Always be equipped with sufficient healing items to capitalize on Kapella’s enhanced healing ability.
  • Team Coordination and Communication: Kapella’s ability greatly benefits from effective teamwork and communication. Coordinate with your team, create strategies, and communicate about healing item availability, ensuring everyone receives the maximum benefit from improved healing abilities.
  • Maintaining Pressure: By utilizing Kapella’s enhanced healing capabilities, focus on sustained pressure during battles. This can involve aggressive pushes, relentless assaults, and prolonging engagements to gradually wear down opponents while capitalizing on the boosted healing effects.

Hayato – Reduces frontal damage taken and gains increased armor penetration as HP decreases

An Overview of Hayato’s Ability

Hayato is a formidable character in Free Fire, recognized for his ability to reduce frontal damage taken and gain increased armor penetration as his HP decreases. This unique ability, known as “Bushido,” provides Hayato with exceptional durability and offensive capabilities, making him a force to be reckoned with in battles.

Strategies for Harnessing Hayato’s Ability

To fully harness the potential of Hayato’s ability and capitalize on his defensive and offensive attributes, consider implementing the following strategies:

  • Frontal Engagement: Leverage Hayato’s ability to reduce frontal damage and actively engage opponents face-to-face. Engaging head-on allows you to take advantage of Hayato’s defensive capabilities and minimize incoming damage.
  • Tactical Armor Penetration: As Hayato’s HP decreases, his armor penetration increases. Utilize this effectively by engaging opponents when your HP is lower, providing increased damage output and enabling you to swiftly eliminate opponents even when at a disadvantage.
  • Early Game Advantage: During the early stages of the game, aim to accumulate shield items, helmets, and armor. Hayato’s ability synergizes well with additional protection, enhancing his overall survivability and allowing you to take more risks when encountering enemies.
  • Balanced HP Management: While taking advantage of Hayato’s increased armor penetration, maintain a balanced approach to HP management. Avoid deliberately lowering your HP unless necessary, as this can expose you to the risk of being eliminated quickly in battle.
  • Entry Fragging: Hayato’s ability makes him an excellent entry fragger. Take the lead in initiating battles, breaking through enemy defenses, and capitalizing on his armor penetration boost to eliminate opponents swiftly.

Optimal Playstyle with Hayato

To optimize your playstyle with Hayato and fully leverage his defensive and offensive capabilities, consider adopting the following approaches:

  • Aggressive Gameplay: Hayato’s ability encourages aggressive gameplay, especially when your HP is lower. Employ an aggressive playstyle by pushing enemies, seeking out engagements, and utilizing his armor penetration boost to your advantage.
  • Positioning and Ambushes: Master strategic positioning and utilize ambush techniques. Position yourself advantageously, wait for the right moment, and use Hayato’s ability to quickly eliminate unsuspecting opponents from the shadows.
  • HP Management: Manage your HP effectively to balance survivability and armor penetration. Avoid prolonged engagements when your HP is critically low, as this can limit your combat effectiveness. Maintain a sufficient HP level to survive while still benefiting from the increased armor penetration.
  • Team Coordination: Coordinate with your teammates and communicate effectively to optimize Hayato’s ability within a team setting. Capitalize on your enhanced offensive capabilities to support your team’s aggressive pushes or during defensive standoffs.
  • Target Priority: Focus on prioritizing targets during battles. Identify high-value targets or opponents with strong defensive capabilities and utilize Hayato’s increased armor penetration to eliminate them swiftly, gaining a strategic advantage for your team.

Shirou – Marks enemies who attack you, providing valuable information and increased damage to marked enemies

An Overview of Shirou’s Ability

Shirou is a dynamic character in Free Fire whose ability, called “Damage Delivered,” marks enemies who attack him. This unique ability provides valuable information about the attacker’s location and increases the damage dealt to marked enemies, giving Shirou an advantage in battles and assisting in team coordination.

Strategies for Maximizing Shirou’s Ability

To maximize the potential of Shirou’s ability and capitalize on the marked enemies’ damage boost, consider implementing the following strategies:

  • Strategic Positioning: Position yourself advantageously to draw the attention of opponents and effectively trigger Shirou’s ability. Utilize cover and vantage points to decrease the risk of being eliminated while providing opportunities to mark enemies and gather valuable information for your team.
  • Communicate and Coordinate: Communicate with your teammates to share information about marked enemies. Relay their locations, enabling your team to focus their attacks and eliminate opponents swiftly. Effective coordination with your team can considerably enhance your chances of victory.
  • Aggressive Pushes: Capitalize on the marked enemies’ damage boost to engage in aggressive pushes. Use the advantage gained from marking opponents to initiate battles, overwhelm enemies with superior damage, and secure eliminations.
  • Strategic Retreats: If faced with a disadvantageous situation where elimination seems imminent, utilize Shirou’s ability to gather information about marked enemies while strategically retreating. This empowers your team with knowledge of enemy locations, helping them make informed decisions and potentially turn the tide of the battle.
  • Target Prioritization: Prioritize marked enemies during engagements to maximize the benefits of Shirou’s ability. Focus your attacks on these opponents to deal increased damage, increasing the likelihood of eliminating threats quickly and asserting dominance during battles.

Optimal Playstyle with Shirou

To optimize your playstyle with Shirou and take full advantage of his ability to mark enemies, consider implementing the following approaches:

  • Reconnaissance and Information Gathering: Act as a reconnaissance specialist, using Shirou’s ability to gather valuable information about enemy positions and movements. Relay this information to your team, enabling them to make informed strategic decisions.
  • Assist and Support: Focus on supporting your team by marking enemies as they attack you. Assist your teammates in dealing increased damage to marked opponents, enhancing their chances of securing eliminations and tipping the scales in your team’s favor.
  • Team Coordination: Coordinate effectively with your team to maximize the impact of Shirou’s ability. Share information about marked enemies, communicate target priorities, and execute coordinated strategies to overwhelm opponents.
  • Target Identification: Sharpen your target identification skills to recognize potential threats. Determine when it is advantageous to draw enemy fire and trigger Shirou’s ability, marking opponents who pose the greatest risk to you and your team.
  • Aggressive Defense: When under attack, adopt an aggressive defensive playstyle. Utilize Shirou’s ability to gain information and deal increased damage, discouraging opponents from advancing and buying time for your team to regroup or reposition.

Kelly – Increases sprinting speed and reduces damage taken while running

An Overview of Kelly’s Ability

Kelly is a fast and agile character in Free Fire, known for her ability to increase sprinting speed and reduce damage taken while running. Her ability, called “Dash,” provides Kelly with enhanced mobility and survivability, making her a formidable force on the battlefield.

Strategies for Harnessing Kelly’s Ability

To effectively harness the power of Kelly’s ability and maximize the advantages of increased sprinting speed and reduced damage while running, consider employing the following strategies:

  • Strategic Movement: Utilize Kelly’s increased sprinting speed to your advantage by quickly moving between cover, repositioning during battles, and staying one step ahead of your opponents. Constantly change your position to make it harder for enemies to aim and hit you.
  • Continuous Running: Maximize the reduction in damage taken while running by utilizing continuous movement. Avoid standing still during engagements and instead focus on maintaining constant mobility to minimize the impact of incoming enemy fire.
  • Hit-and-Run Attacks: Utilize Kelly’s ability to engage in hit-and-run tactics. Move swiftly, attack enemies from unexpected angles, and retreat before they can respond effectively. This approach allows you to exploit Kelly’s increased sprinting speed for effective positioning and surprise attacks.
  • Escape Manuevers: Take advantage of Kelly’s enhanced mobility to escape dangerous situations. When outnumbered or outgunned, utilize her increased sprinting speed to quickly disengage from battles, granting you a better chance of survival and avoiding unnecessary confrontations.
  • Objective Completion: Utilize Kelly’s ability to quickly reach objectives on the map. Whether it’s reaching a drop zone, capturing a flag, or maneuvering in the shrinking safe zone, use her increased sprinting speed to your advantage, ensuring you stay ahead in the game.

Optimal Playstyle with Kelly

To optimize your playstyle with Kelly and fully leverage her increased sprinting speed and damage reduction while running, consider the following approaches:

  • Aggressive Flanking: Utilize Kelly’s enhanced mobility to flank enemies and catch them off guard. With her increased sprinting speed, you can quickly move to advantageous positions, giving you the upper hand in engagements.
  • Objective Runner: Take the role of an objective runner within your team. Utilize Kelly’s ability to swiftly grab loot, deliver resources, or complete objectives scattered across the map. Her increased sprinting speed will enable you to accomplish tasks efficiently and stay one step ahead of your opponents.
  • Engage in Hit-and-Run Tactics: Embrace hit-and-run tactics to inflict damage while minimizing your own exposure. Sprint in, attack enemies, and quickly retreat, taking advantage of Kelly’s agility to disorient and frustrate opponents.
  • Master Movement and Map Awareness: Pay attention to your surroundings, make use of cover, and navigate the map strategically. With Kelly’s speed, you can swiftly traverse the terrain, enabling you to respond to threats and reposition effectively.
  • Survive with Mobility: Leverage Kelly’s mobility to survive encounters. Utilize her increased sprinting speed and damage reduction to evade enemy fire and increase your chances of outmaneuvering opponents.


Which character is the best in Free Fire?

There is no definitive answer to this as it depends on your playstyle. Popular choices include DJ Alok for healing, Chrono for defense, and Jota for increased HP regeneration.

How do I choose the best character for me?

Consider your preferred playstyle and the abilities that align with it. Experiment with different characters and their unique abilities to find the one that suits your gameplay style and enhances your performance.

Do I need to unlock characters in Free Fire?

Yes, characters need to be unlocked using in-game currency or through events. However, there are also free characters available, allowing you to build a diverse roster without spending real money.

Can I change characters during a match?

No, character selection occurs before a match starts, and it is not possible to change characters during gameplay. Therefore, it is important to choose the character that best suits your playstyle before entering a match.


In conclusion, the choice of the best character in Free Fire depends on your playstyle and preferences. Characters like DJ Alok, Chrono, and Jota offer unique abilities that cater to different strategies. It is crucial to experiment with different characters and their abilities to find the one that aligns with your playstyle and enhances your chances of victory. Whether you prefer healing support, defensive tactics, increased HP regeneration, or other capabilities, the diverse roster of characters in Free Fire ensures there is a suitable option for every gamer.

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